Jan 14, 2013

The Happy Camper

We have some test pics, being Sunday I couldn't buy rechargeables.

I only took a few shots on automatic mode, dim light, almost dark (the 1 euro Ikea lamp is only ambiental and a laptop display doesn't really help me read a book).

ISO value has been 200. Basically I was only pointing and shooting. Auto-focus seems just fine considering the darkness and so does the flash, it didn't overexpose anything as I took the picture from close range.

As expected, one of the best buys on the market, back in the day.

PS: In two of the photos you might notice the late Panasonic DMC LZ2, purchased in 2005, a solid compact, functioning perfectly until its impact with the floor in June 2011. A previous post here is relevant concerning my attachment to that camera.

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