Jan 13, 2013

It's Been A While

Tonight I'll get my hands on a Canon A720 IS, 2008 model I believe, mint condition. Yes, I'm also into a certain type of compacts that generation. Those cameras make me happy. They require AA rechargeable batteries instead of NitroMh Lithium whatever and their optical zoom reaches 6x, which is something considering I need a camera fitting in my pocket.

Significant amounts of time I used to spend taking pictures. I plan to do it again, to see what happens. I might be a genius and spend less time for a nice photo.

I am located in Berlin and for the time being the pictures will look accordingly. I don't know if I'll avoid clichés.

I wish you a happy viewing over these photos I took some years ago, now I hate many of them


whenever Facebook is down, you are all welcomed here.


© Levent Feizi

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